Domestic violence at work:

  • Workers have the right to be safe at home and at work from domestic violence.
  • Domestic violence can put jobs at risk, affecting performance, productivity and safety at work.
  • In a supportive and informed workplace, workers will feel safe to disclose.

The Australian Government provided the initial funding for 'Safe at Home, Safe at Work' and we are keen to explore additional partnerships to extend this project. Click here to contact us.


  • Workers experiencing domestic violence
  • Unions looking to negotiate domestic violence clauses
  • Employers looking for information about domestic violence in the workplace and what to do about it
  • Anyone interested in learning more about why domestic violence is a workplace issue


Australia is leading the world in recognising domestic violence as an issue which can potentially impact on workers and workplaces, with around 1.6 million Australian employees now covered by domestic violence clauses in their agreement or award conditions.

This website brings together a collection of resources developed as part of the Domestic Violence Workplace Rights & Entitlements Project...